iPhone skips video recording // jumps into live video streaming!

So a lot of us have lamented over the fact that video recording just doesn’t officially exist on the iPhone. Loren Feldman of 1938 Media got pissed mad about it (warning: harsh language), while developers at Polar Bear Farm (nice!) took matters into their own hands by producing ShowTime, a beautiful video recorder for jailbroken iPhones.

Well today, we can forget about video recording. I for one believe that with massive storage capacities online, we ought to just skip the deal with syncing media between personal storage devices and transfer our experiences directly into the wonderful cloud of web servers. If this sounds Snow Crash-ian, you’re not far.

We’ve already tasted the ease of video sharing thanks to Youtube, the intimacy of video dialogue thanks to Seesmic, and now the connectedness of “in the moment” videos thanks to services like Qik.

This is why today’s news on NewTeeVee, was the very answer to my digital prayers. I’ve learned that Qik and Flixwagon, both competitors in the “video streaming thru mobile phone” space, have produced working versions of their video applications for the iPhone!

While I’ve used the Nokia E51 for Qik’s video streaming to good effect, nothing beats the ease of use of Apple’s iPhone. Ultimately, this would allow more users experience live video streaming for themselves (complete with chat feedback), and to understand how it feels to have momentary decisions augmented by one’s viewers. I’d picture this as a cognitive instance of social cyborgism.