Checking in on…

Checking in on

Since discovering earlier in February, I’ve had the video service in mind as a great example of how lifecasting could be used by professional media agencies.

While the journalists of Fox News Chicago certainly don’t wear cameras to broadcast their lives, a stationary camera showing them at work and reporting on what they see across their national news network feed does give us a heightened sense of connectedness with them. Unlike traditional news channels, you can see them act on questions and tip-offs you send them, so there’s instant feedback.

Andy Roesgen of just informed me that they will be officially rolling out a few new features this Friday. This includes a viewers chatroom (replacing their twitter widget) and a news scrollbar so you know what reporters are referring to. I also noticed that the various news channels on their video grid seem to play on the Mac now.

Andy hopes for viewers to check in tomorrow, to help give a good stress test. You can also read their blog to know more.

Like the good old television, I sometimes leave the live video streaming site running in the background while I work. It’s when the newscaster mentions something interesting that I’d switch to the site to watch what’s going on.

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