CIT 2008 // Day 2: Trying, Filmmaking, Second Life, and Hitachi’s “Better” Smartboard…

CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)
Click here to see the Seero interface up close…

For the second commute to the CIT conference in Batavia, Mark McBride drove, with Ken Fujiuchi riding shotgun. I was behind the scenes, taking the opportunity to try out live video streaming with GPS tracking via

As you can see, I’m in the back seat managing the HP TC1100 tablet PC, connected to a Logitech webcam clipped to the driver’s headrest (FlexClip rawks!). I also have the Qstarz BT-Q1000 Bluetooth GPS recorder on my right lap. Finally, for Internet connectivity, I used the Nokia E51 and installed JoikuSpot to turn the Symbian OS cellphone into a wifi router, fed from its 3G data connection. While I was all prepared with extra power supplies, the real fail came from the wireless connectivity from both the Bluetooth GPS and the spotty 3G data connection along the Interstate highway. As much as I loved what Seero does, I couldn’t make it happen today.

CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)

When we finally reached Genesee Community College, Mark and I went for a presentation on “Using non-fiction filmmaking in the classroom” by Chris Gallant (UB). Googling his name, I learned that Chris Gallant won an emmy for his Anthony Capozzi HD documentary “They Made a Mistake”. At the UB Law School, he trains law students on making documentaries for building cases. Given his professional experience in production, he has students use Final Cut Express instead of iMovie. Chris noted that he makes his law students shoot video over and over again, where practice makes perfect. It would be three weeks of shooting, and the remainder of the semester on post-production. Interestingly, Chris had students check out film equipment using their library cards, quick and simple. Being legal documentaries, one of the student videos we sampled included an interview with a Jamaican musician who had trouble crossing back to the U.S. from Canada, even though he was a Green Card holder. Quite compelling.

CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)

Next, I joined Ken over at the Second Life presentation. He live-tweeted the panel so I’ll reproduce it here:

CIT2008 – Second Life: What is next for SUNY and SLN? (Panel Discussion)
Presenters: Alexandra Pickett – SUNY System Admin., Larry Dugan – Finger Lake CC, Terry Keys Monroe CC

Presentation available here…

Questions: How does higher ed use SL? How does it affect online and Face2Face? How does SL promote community for the online student?

SUNY Learning Network Island in Second Life (SLURL location)

Showing the Ohio University SL introduction video.

Demoing SL, but couldn’t teletport to Finger Lakes CC island. Now on Monroe CC island

Touring the Finger Lakes CC island now. Teleport finally worked

GED advisement support in SL

SUNY Live! Project. A 1.5 year experience in SL

Regular meetings on Tuesdays at 12:30 EST at the Monroe CC island.

SUNY Project Live! wiki:

MUVE Ahead Conference for K-16 educators in SL:

Back to SlideShare presentation: How can we support SUNY Live! Project beyond their grant?

Proposal: Student SL Commons and Learning Center, Faculty Innovation Center, and SUNY SL Plaza

look at the goals and implementation ideas from the presentation…

…but they are looking for ideas and participants to make SUNY SL sustainable.

Soon it was lunchtime, and today we had a nice spread of salad, hotdogs and chicken burger. All the food on this campus seemed healthy for some reason. Ken and I decided to tour the technology vendor booths and while we have the usual classroom projectors, computing furniture, etc, one thing that stood out for us was the Hitachi Smartboard.

CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)

Hitachi’s “better” smartboard used IR (infra-red) cameras instead of RF (radio-frequency) markers, so you can simply use your fingers to digitally draw and navigate the smartboard. Since no markers were needed, you won’t lose or have to buy additional components. I’ve seen lots of smartboard in my time, and this one was quite amazing to me because of its simplicity. Ken noted existing $99 wii-mote hacks that achieve similar results, but even Johnny Lee’s infamous low-cost smartboard solution required an IR light pen. Here’s a video of us exploring the vendor booths and about 4 min 20 sec in, you’ll see the Hitachi’s Starboard FX-Duo-77 smartboard in action…

In addition, my friend MrBig tipped me off on “Building your own Multitouch Pad” using Touchlib.

Finally, there was ice cream over tea-break! Perfect way to end the second summer day at CIT 2008…

CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)CIT2008 @ Genesee Community College (Day 2)