GRID: How I drove like an a$$ and still got third…

Truth be told I drive a P.O.S. Dodge Neon that’s good enough to take me from home to campus, and back in one piece. That’s why like most poor souls, my idea of an expensive tuned ride exists only in the virtual world.

As seen above, I’m driving a Concept Mustang GT in the streets of San Francisco.

It’s the first time I’m trying out Race Driver: GRID, a glorious new visceral racing game for the Xbox 360. Check out the heart-thumping replay video, where the soundtrack and composition almost gives you the vibes equal to that of the Fast and the Furious (2001). This game also features realistic collision damage which persists through your race.

A truly unique feature gives you the ability to reverse time from a deadly crash (like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), allowing you to admire the crash in extreme slow-motion, so you can revert to a point where you could safely take off again.

I’m usually not a fan of racing games (other than the Burnout series), but this is one adrenaline-filled racer I might get after all!

If you can’t get enough, there are more GRID racing videos on Youtube, and a ton of review media on TeamXbox.

3 thoughts on “GRID: How I drove like an a$$ and still got third…

  1. @Kenny: Lots of games feature collision damage now, but this one reminds me of mechwarrior where damage to specific parts affects your gameplay.

    @Jacelyn: You’re right, having the visuals of your driver professionally going through the controls adds to the thrill. It’s quite an atmospheric games.

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