Where do you prefer your conversations: Twitter or FriendFeed?

StrawPoll - Twitter or FriendFeed?

Where do you prefer to have online conversations: Twitter (1) or FriendFeed (2) ?
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What’s going on between Twitter and FriendFeed?
Twitter has been experiencing a lot of downtime lately, which lead to heavy users seeking alternative conversational spaces. FriendFeed lets you comment within your friends’ lifestreams, much like online discussion boards back in the ’90s. Both services are extremely different, but the certain high profile users are now touting FriendFeed as a Twitter killer. I think it’s all bollocks. Twitter abstracts (in 140 characters) our lives into digestible chunks, while FriendFeed is way too complicated (and noisy) for regular netizens to humanly withstand. If anything, FriendFeed works best as a discovery lifestream.

I think its the most inappropriate paradigm, but here’s the ongoing debate between which is better:

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3 thoughts on “Where do you prefer your conversations: Twitter or FriendFeed?

  1. I get my Twitter notifications to my cell phone or, occasionally, IM. FriendFeed has no keyword tracking and no specific on/off notification abilities.

    Both services have their value, but while I see people commenting on Twitter posts on FriendFeed, I don’t see people making many original posts on FriendFeed.

    Marina Martins last blog post..How You Can Help Twitter

  2. I think I might love Friendfeed (and I do use it – in moderation) but I just can’t get into it: too complicated, too much noise, not enough people I know on there, etc.

    Twitter is egotistical and easy, FF is engaging and therefore hard. And in between work and life and love and blogs… there isn’t always enough time for that as well.

    I’d really like to see people whose job isn’t being on FF all day work with that in a satisfactory way…

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