Today’s Links: hitler meme, flying penises, seasteading, and more…

Today's Links

I’m already late with my “Social Media Strategist” post since last week, and there’s so much to talk about that I’ll revert to doing link dumps in the form of twitter and links.

  • Fellow Mac users, the most-secret capture shortcut is Control-Command-Shift-3 (or 4), which copies the capture into your Clipboard memory. I used this tip for the above collage!
  • Intense Debate: Reputation Blog Comment System – Lets you track comments, have user profiles, thread comments, establish a reputation system.
  • I’ll be at Genesee Community College for CIT 2008 (May 27th – 30th). I’ll be at the Twitter for education workshop. Why use clickers when kids have cellphones?
  • It’s at the expense of Hitler, though “I have failed at the Internets” is a really really good video meme.
  • Hope you guys know that the RC Flying Penis was inspired by griefers in Second Life. I remembered when that happened to SL “millionaire” Anshe Chung at her virtual press conference.
  • The Asus Eee 900 web page implies that women are “weak”, then Wii Fit calls a 10yr old girl “fat”. I’m just glad I’m a guy.
  • @KeithBurtis links to his competitors; “planting seeds to bear fruits”. I say this increases his network centrality!
  • Discovered The Evolution of Mobile Phones: A rawking short video on the history of cellphones!
  • According to LTA, the Segway still isn’t street legal in Singapore. Sadly, neither would flying automobiles (via @JimmyLiew)
  • @Lucian: pssst. go to and look for the praetorian pi at the right side of the footer. A tribute to the terrible movie: The Net
  • Around 20 men took part in the ‘protest’ along Orchard Road on Sunday afternoon to demand for equality and the right to participate in the women-only-run. However the organisers could not produce a permit when the police arrived on the scene, after a member of the public alerted the police of the ‘protests’, just as the PR-stunt ended (@litford).
  • Singapore blogger arrested for racist comments. Netizens archived his entry so no denial. TODAY news report as well as the full account (sources, kid’s photo, and cached blog post) on Alvinology (via @Sivasothi). Have to be careful though… Online vigilantism can turn into lynch mobs, which is a social problem in Korea, China, Japan.
  • Look like the latest Bioshock wasn’t far from the truth. The Seasteading Institute is an organization dedicated to creating experimental ocean communities with diverse social, political, and legal systems. Founder Patri Friedman (from Google) stated that “[g]overnment is an industry with a really high barrier to entry. […] You basically need to win an election or a revolution to try a new one. That’s a ridiculous barrier to entry. And it’s got enormous customer lock-in. People complain about their cellphone plans that are like two years, but think of the effort that it takes to change your citizenship.” Wired has the full story…

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