theorycast.39 :: Are you Yourself on Seesmic?

This 20min video showcases a slice of multi-way conversations around the topic of identity online, specifically within the new video space of I’ve used Viddler for this post since I could tag and link our appearances from within the player to actual Seesmic videos. Just rollover the dots along the video timeline.

Dean Terry started by asking “are you yourself on Seesmic”. In essence, he wanted to know how we identify ourselves in Seesmic, a new video conversational space. How different is it in performance as we do in other media spaces such as multi-user virtual worlds (MUVEs) like Second Life?

Since the 70+ video responses would be sheer torture to go through (see the entire video thread), I’ve handpicked ones related to me as a convenience sample. Much like an online discussion forum when you’re participating in a long thread, you’ll typically only be able to follow a few users, forming cliques within larger thematic circles.

Technically, you can observe the chronological flow of video conversations within Seesmic. Culturally, you can see the elements of interaction within the community, from name-dropping to mimicking, see if you can discover more.