The Geek Goddess Show Episode 2: On China’s Youtubes and Facebooks

Straight outta Singapore comes The Geek Goddess Show, a somewhat bi-weekly videocast on social media in the Asian scene. Hosted by Estee Teo and Peter Du, the digital duo aims to highlight web trends happening in places like China and Singapore.

Being an English show on a Chinese subject, the show serves to bridge viewers from the Anglosphere (English speaking countries) with web development from the Sinosphere (Chinese speaking countries). That’s a content niche which is well suited to grow.

In this 2nd episode, they highlight four out of the hundreds of Chinese Youtube clones. Last I checked in 2006, there were already more than 150 video sharing sites in China. They also show you how to build your own Facebook clone using U-Home, which looks easy enough, albeit a totally Chinese language interface.

As feedback, my friends and I had sent in an email suggestion after watching their first episode. Estee and Peter took it up and worked hard on it, so now they have the much needed episode guide highlighted on their blog. This was the perfect opportunity for me to use Viddler’s video commenting feature, as you’ll see above indicated by a dot when she mentioned me.

Aside: The Geek Goddess Show is one of three new shows currently produced by, a new Singapore video podcast network. Joining them is the Tech65 crew, a local gadget video and audio podcast show which has been around for almost a year. By forming a content distribution network, hopes to scale itself to help nurture local videobloggers and to find business opportunities where possible.

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