Surveillance Culture: Punking and Power Reversals

Here’s punking and power reversal at its finest…

Reader Heather Glogowski tipped me off last week about how a UK band, Get Out Clause, used public video surveillance to make a music video and requested the footage under the Freedom of Information Act (also on BoingBoing).

Proposal using Apple's time-lapse cam (May 20th 2006)

This situation reminded me of how an ingenious man stood once before a time-lapse camera outside the then newly-opened Apple Store Fifth Avenue at the right times just to get his wedding proposal seen.

On a related note, there is something ironic and difficult about surveillance technology though. UK CCTVs don’t cut crime rates as much as we’d like them to. Ars Technica meta-reports on how “Only three percent of crimes have been solved using CCTV footage, and offenders aren’t afraid of being caught on video” (The Guardian, 6th May 2008)

Aside: First Person R/C Plane, Almost as Good as Actually Flying (via Alex Halavais)