It’s been a while my friend… exploring Myrl

It's been a while my friend...

It’s been close to a year since I last logged into Second Life (SL nick: Kevin Suisei). Ever since I terminated my paid account, I saw little reason to continue, seeing that I’ve got too few relationships with anyone in that metaverse.

I had wanted to own land and build my own home there, but just after I signed up, they canceled provisioning of free land to new users. Without a home, I was left to wander the islands like a ghost. Without a base, there was even less attachment I had for SL.

If you look around the interface screenshot above, I do have leftover Lindens which I was intending to convert back into U.S. currency, but with the real-world economy so bad now (L$16,954 = US$59.50), I’ll hold off that idea.

The reason why I came back was to explore this new social network for metaverses called Myrl. I saw ARG researcher Christy Dena joining it (ambient awareness through social networks), and followed suit since I’ve always been interested in cross-metaverse interactions.

From Myrl’s About page:

Welcome to Myrl: Cross-metaverse Social Network Myrl is a social network for the Metaverse, a cross-worlds platform aiming at bringing virtual worlds on the web and connecting users from multiple virtual worlds. Myrl helps users to share their virtual life, publish their avatar/organization profile and automatically update it in real-time. Myrl is all about collaboration and user controlled information: avatars can share, shape, show, vote and rank what’s important to them.

Myrl, which stands for “My Real Life and My Role Life”, currently lets you connect to users from worlds like Second Life and (more to follow). A game-like motivator for using Myrl comes in the form of your avatar’s karma, where the higher the karma, the stronger your influence will be in the community. Your karma is fed by:

  • Life scrobbler: how much time you’ve spent inworld
  • Interaction points: how many items you’ve submitted onto Myrl
  • Networking points: number of avatar you have invited to join the community
  • Myrlit points: how many times your avatar has been myrled

Right now I’m already experiencing social networking fatigue, so until social networks start talking to one another, I’m not really going to start from scratch with another one. Meanwhile, I’ll just tabs on sites like Myrl, just to see if we can discover more in-depth interactions between metaverses.

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