Exclusive: Pre-Release Look at Comic Life Magiq!

Introducing Comic Life Magiq!

I love Comic Life. That’s why I’m delighted to have a pre-release hands-on with the new “pro” version, Comic Life Magiq!

Brian Caldwell, Senior Director of Plasq.com, notes that Comic Life Magiq took 15 months of development and is released as a new Leopard only application. The reason? Comic Life Magiq is built from the ground up to leverage the power of Mac OS X 10.5 core technologies, like Core Image and Core Animation resulting in photo-comics with unique visual effects and elegant layout. See more screenshots after the jump…

Comic Life Magiq: Designer Templates
Here you see the designer templates, sorta like themes in Apple iWork applications.

He also notes that “[t]he comic page layout engine can handle complex and creatively-curved comic panels, speech balloons and captions. Artistic ‘brushes’ provide hand-drawn feel to lines, and powerful compositing lets the user flexibly combine their images. Also included are a collection of artist-commissioned templates, props, balloon shapes and spraycans”.

Comic Life Magiq: Lively Interface

The new Comic Life Magiq has all kinds of interesting interactive details, like the pinwheel page layering selection on the top-left. As you can see, this is a professional level app, with all kinds of detailing you can apply to your comic creation. Great for creating educational tutorials too!

Don’t worry. You should be able download a trial copy by the time you read this. Retails $39.95 for a limited time, and it’s a $19.95 upgrade price for previous Comic Life owners like myself. Head over to watch their demo video!

5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Pre-Release Look at Comic Life Magiq!

  1. Are you able to open comics made with the previous version? Because I can’t, and I have a year and a half of comics I need access to!
    Help, please?

  2. I got a reply from the Plasq forum-
    “Thanks for contacting us and for purchasing Comic Life Magiq.

    Comic Life Magiq is a completely new application and shares little in common with Comic Life and least of all in the way it handles its internal data. We’re thinking of providing an importer in a future update.

    If a feature of this kind is important to you please let us know in these forums.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience – but you may still use your previous Comic Life version to open your old comic files. ”

    So… nevermind. ­čÖé

  3. Well, thanks for asking and finding out! That’s a great question. I do have lots of older comic life files, so looks like I need to keep both apps now.

  4. I’ve just done a ‘first impressions’ review of Comic Life Magiq on my blog. I like it very much despite the fact that it drives me completely bonkers

  5. Alison, I know what you mean. It reminds me of how complex Photoshop is. Definitely a learning curve, but stick with it and we should get the hang sooner or later. BTW, I fixed your bad link to your blog.

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