Singapore’s own 11yr old “John Mayer” in the making…

With all the high production videocasts I’m seeing on the web, it sure is refreshing to see something so heartfelt and authentic.

My buddy Michael Cho, an accomplished street singer and thinker behind, recently emailed me about his 11 year old brother-in-law, “NickyRicky“.

You see, NickyRicky recently wrote his first song entitled “I saw love in front of me”. After watching it, I think he’s soon to be Singapore’s little “John Mayer“.

Michael mentioned that NickyRicky wrote the lyrics and composed the music, so all he had to do was to figure out the chords for his little one.

If you can’t get enough of NickyRicky, check out his Youtube channel “Remote Control Productions” where his other hilarious videos include one about a disease you get from doing too much homework.

8 thoughts on “Singapore’s own 11yr old “John Mayer” in the making…

  1. being a fan of Mr Mayer himself, i gotta say i love this kid. he’s got a great voice, witty writing and the boy’s got groove!

    all he need now is to learn the guitar 😀

  2. Hey Kevin,

    thanks for the feature! I’d definitely let Nick know 🙂

    malique, btw, Nicky actually plays the guitar as well…though he’s not good enough to play and sing at the same time…hopefully soon 🙂

    Michael’s last blog post..Original Song by 11 yr-old

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