Qik video: Meet Shady, Tour Buffalo, Head for Avenue Q

In this 20min Qik video, you’ll get to meet my ethical hacker buddy, Shady, as well as get a little tour of Buffalo while we drive downtown for the last awesome performance of Avenue Q.

Along the way we talk about mobile video broadcasting from the Nokia, possibilities of such a thing for the iPhone, and other random goodness.

You can also see what I had for lunch before the drive, and what it’s like inside the Shea’s performance art theater, like how you’d never expect an organ version of Madonna’s Spanish Lullaby.

2 thoughts on “Qik video: Meet Shady, Tour Buffalo, Head for Avenue Q

  1. LOL – i love both you guys – but this video is in serious need of some bOObs, guns, explosions, or weed.

  2. Shady doesn’t live far from the bad parts of Buffalo. If we cruise there, I’m sure we’d get some action. Whether we’d make it out alive is a different story altogether! šŸ˜‰

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