DIY: Unacceptable Employee Behavior

How to deal with unacceptable employee behavior

Status update: Right now I’m busy trying to make a dissertation progress submission by Friday, so I’ll be sharing a compiled report for “So… would you hire a social media strategist?” sometime next week. Meantime, something silly.

I saw this seminar handout (yes, it’s real!) which begged for a remix… and so I complied. Warning, totally inappropriate language ensues after the jump….

Unacceptable Behavior #1

If you’re interested, take the original image, mess with it using your favorite tools (I used my all time fav: Comic Life), then upload to Flickr with the tag: unacceptablebehavior

On that note, does anyone know where I can find more snazzy cartoons ripe for the picking?

And no, wish I sat in on the seminar. Would have been interesting. ­čÖé

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