Theremin playing cat points me to Japan’s nifty DIY zine…

Via Ariel Waldman’s Twitter reference to Jeremy’s Pownce (yeah, it’s complicated), I got to watch this rather intriguing video.

As I awed at this ridiculously cute cat jamming a theremin (he even has an audience), I couldn’t help but notice that the little red theremin was the smallest I’ve ever seen. If you look at the related Youtube videos, there are even more Japanese cats playing with similar theremins.

Where the heck did the mini-theremin come from?
A bit of poking around and I found a lead via Theremin World (say it: “long tail”), where there was mention of what looked to be Japan’s own DIY zine, known as Otona no Kagaku. Every issue costs 2,300 Japanese yen, which is around US$23; a hefty price from MAKE’s mook at US$15.

So what do you get in each issue of Otona no Kagaku?
This is where it rocks. Every issue comes as a kit for you to assemble your own gadgets! Everything from Karakuri Mechanical Dolls, Wind-Powered Generators, Stereo Pinhole Cameras, Paper Film Projectors, Newton’s reflecting telescope, and of course, the little red theremin I want so dearly.

Otona no Kagaku Vol.17 Mini Theremin Kit Japan Gakken

Although the instructions are in Japanese, they are all fully illustrated and there are even how-to videos on their web site.

Want one?
That’s what eBay is for baby…

Update: Looks like MAKE got wind of this Japanese zine about 2 months ago.

2 thoughts on “Theremin playing cat points me to Japan’s nifty DIY zine…

  1. OMG, that whole magazine run is AMAZING! The only problem I found is the shipping from Japan to the US is more than the magazine itself. Waaaa.

    They have them on as well as ebay.

    I got a build your own theremin a few years ago, but lacked a soldering iron for it until recently, so I hope to build it soon…

    I wish Make would come out with a similar magazine, I would spend $20 or $30 a month or so for a new toy to build myself! (Or with my hubby even!)

    This little theremin is very cute, though, if I came across one I would indeed try to get it!

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