Being Mobile + Working Public = Shoulder surfers’ delight!

How to stop shoulder surfers...

A resounding 62% of Americans are now part of the wireless, mobile revolution that participates in digital activities away from home or work (Pew Internet, March 2008).

This means that working anywhere, anytime has quite become commonplace. Along with that comes the problem of creating privacy in public spaces. How so? Well, there’s nothing more startling than finding someone watching your every move on screen, right from behind you.

Shoulder surfing refers to the technique of direct observation, mostly looking over someone’s shoulder, to trawl for personal information (e.g passwords). Working best in places like libraries, cybercafes, and airports, this physical snoop is particularly effective in crowded places for easier concealment. We’ve all done it from time to time, perhaps not to a criminal degree, but to see what others are doing online.

Aside from getting an expensive privacy screen filter, most of us tilt the screen or dim the screen’s in a bid to thwart shoulder surfers. If you happen to have a MacBook, just having an extra back-facing eye would let you go on the offensive (Heck, you could even record perpetrators on video!).

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