Chart: Twitter Users by Country (April 2008)

Twitter Users by Country (April 2008)

In a jiffy, I used Twitter’s improved web search feature which now allows searching by name and location. Do note that the search results aren’t 100% reliable since it requires users to declare their origin, and that the search applies for both name and location (e.g. if username included “singapore”). For some of us, ballpark figures are all we need.

So what can we make from this?
For one, Japan is surprisingly big on Twitter, but hey, what happened to China? I believe that countries like China have their own localized Twitter clones, which may explain why national and twitter user populations aren’t relative. Also, being a fairly new medium, Twitter might not have caught on with the rest of the world just yet, even though twitter supports multiple languages.

Feel free to use the chart as you please, and do drop a comment if you can make anything else out of it. Perhaps a starting point for further research.

Update 1: Virtual China (an awesome Boing Boing of Chinese cyberculture) has more on two Chinese twitter clones, and Fanfou.

Update 2: Here’s another “twitter use by country” chart straight from the twitter blog (20th Feb 2008)

35 thoughts on “Chart: Twitter Users by Country (April 2008)

  1. Dominik: Apologies for missing out Germany. That’s a huge figure, given that there are plenty of German twitter clones out there as well!

  2. It doesn’t seem like Twitter is handling foriegn characters very well. Take this example from a poster in Japan:

    Hopefully that is something they will work on. Maybe a babelfish filter or something could do the trick.

  3. I’m surprised Twitter is so huge in Japan. And yes, given Singapore’s size, its Twitter base is relatively big. But then again, its still in the early adopter stage over here… not many people have even heard of Twitter.

    Stan’s last blog post..New beginnings

  4. Can you explain for someone not familiar with Twitter and not highly technical how you created this chart?

    how would i create charts myself to analyze users by geography over time or some other way?

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