My Hypothetical Operation HQ: Blogging so you don’t have to…

My Operation HQ

UPDATE: I’m reposting this without the neat Flickr notes rollover script as it interferes with my blog template. Click through the image to see the items on my workbench.

Here at my Hypothetical Operation HQ, there are plenty of reasons to stay, and very little to leave.

If Buffalo’s bitter cold outside won’t stop you, employees are given personal space to customize as they please, complete with a full bevy of the latest computers, multiple LCD screens, game consoles, books, magazines and other knick-knacks to keep their minds occupied.

On the right, you see a fairly new eBay acquisition, the TC1100 tablet PC (no longer in production). Working like a 12″ Wacom tablet, this device strips down to 3lbs (like the MacBook Air), has a swing out keyboard and a rotating dock with a DVD drive. Costing not much more than an Asus Eee, the TC1100 is an Intel Centrino machine, featuring a 1Ghz Pentium M processor, 1gb of memory and an 80gb hard drive. Techno-aficionados swear by its unique convertible design, so if you have one, take spanking good care of it!

Finally, if none of these considerations are attractive enough for you, there’s always cake.

4 thoughts on “My Hypothetical Operation HQ: Blogging so you don’t have to…

  1. @acroamatic: I’ve yet to play Wipeout Pulse, but I’ve been a fan of previous Wipeouts, mostly for the killer music and visuals. You have a PSP? And yes, YuanCC’s been making a whole bunch of useful Flickr hacks!

  2. Yes, I bought a PSP just to play Wipeout! I’m not a console gaming person, so the last version I played was Wipeout 2097 for PC. So, this is a big leap in gameplay and graphics for me!

    Totally agree about the killer music and visuals. Love the Pulse soundtrack. It’s not the type of music I would listen to normally, but the songs are totally appropriate for racing and blasting others into smithereens.

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