Tune Your MacBook Pro (Part 2): Styling Your Machine

Web 2.0 credentials on MacBook Pro

Depending on your taste, this might either be downright silly or pure genius. Let me know which category this falls under!

I recently got myself the Speck SeeThru case for the 17″ MacBook Pro and proceeded to place stickers of my favorite Web 2.0 services and personal credentials sandwiched between the MBP’s lid and the clear casing. No permanent sticking involved.

Speck SeeThru case on 17" MacBook ProWeb 2.0 credentials on MacBook Pro

I know this isn’t as gutsy as pasting the darn stickers on the lid, but I just want to give it a few more months before I declare my new machine ready for a refreshed look. There were two problems I faced while living with this though…

Problem with Speck SeeThru Case Problem with Speck SeeThru Case

First, the Speck SeeThru case prevents your MBP’s lid from opening all the way, so when I had it on my Logitech Alto Notebook Stand & Keyboard, it faced downwards (Urgh!). OK fine, I’ll just prop it up with something else. Then when I tried to carry my 17″ MBP in my Incase Nylon Sleeve, it wouldn’t fit! That was the last straw; I wasn’t going to sacrifice functionality for aesthetic, so back to Amazon this Speck case goes. Oh well. :/

5 thoughts on “Tune Your MacBook Pro (Part 2): Styling Your Machine

  1. Grats kevin on getting your cafeteria tray :p. For some reason I just cant bring myself to put stickers on the macbook pro, cover or not. Something anbout them just seems to fit better on the regular MacBook. However, maybe it’s my pechant for tattoos but I think a laser etching in the cover of the MacBook is the pinnacle of cool. The guys at make magazine did it and it looked totally bad ass. The arcitecture department at UB has one, you may want to look into it.

    On an unrelated note I am currently on an amtrak train in the high plains of Colorado posting this from my iPhone. Cool huh?

  2. Shady: Yeah the iPhone’s pretty sweet. Actually I did ask around the university for a laser etcher… found out the same thing as you. Emailed the fellow who manages it but got no response. šŸ™

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