Video: Unboxing my Apple Refurb 17″ MacBook Pro

Thanks to my biological VCs (i.e. parents), I was entitled to an Apple refurb 17″ MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz with glossy high-resolution screen which arrived just yesterday morning. If you ever wondered how Apple’s refurb Macs look like, here’s my unboxing video.

Why 17″? Why glossy? Why high-res?
Since the Air is too underpowered for video production (going HD), I wanted something different, bigger and shiny to gawk at. Yes, Apple hasn’t really updated the MBP design in a long long while. Besides, the 17″ will also help to train my back muscles, deflect bullets and possibly see into the future.

Stay tuned next to see what I do to the Mac right after the unboxing ceremony. I’m thinking RAID… are you?

4 thoughts on “Video: Unboxing my Apple Refurb 17″ MacBook Pro

  1. @Ivan: Given that computing power increases exponentially, it’s only a matter of time when machines will think before we do… Cogito, ergo sum. Thus, the predictive qualities of computing.

    @Brian: I know, standards are falling. Economy is appalling here, likewise for my declining display of apparel and oral fixations.

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