Damn Internet rumors… OK I’ll only say this once…

Fine fine, Paris and I are BFF.
There I said it.

I’ll have to blame Zhi for being the first to spill the beans.

In related news, TechCrunch acquires Singapore Entrepreneurs for US$50K, Singeo notes that the Singapore Government is set to ban Google Earth, while LeafMonkey discovers a drown victim caught in a driftnet who remains visibly attractive, thanks to her diet of plastics. *chuckles*

P.S.: If you don’t get what rickrolling is, that’s sad. Even Youtube’s into it. Frankly speaking, as Anil Dash reiterates, plenty of April Fool’s Day jokes just plain suck. Mine included.

6 thoughts on “Damn Internet rumors… OK I’ll only say this once…

  1. Holy Crap! Is that the Great Singapore Workout you’re doing?

    In related news… Def Leppard, REO speedwagon and Styx in Greenville, Sc tonight… I’M SO THERE… Let’s get rock! no joke

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