Vids and Pics: 1st Buffalo Tweetup @ The BrewPub

1st Buffalo Tweetup - 11

As Twitter user Lee mentioned, about twenty people showed up for the first Buffalo Tweetup, an informal meetup of local twitter users, held at the packed Buffalo Brew Pub this friday evening. Yes I was a little shy at first, until I got my camera rolling. Photos and videos after the jump…

Interview: Lee (ScruffytheCat) & Kristina Lively

So I went about doing what I always do, interrogations… oh I mean interviews. Lee was a tech consultant before and his blog is particularly interesting because it is a reflection of hard times he’s faced in life. I’m particularly interested in the social advocacy and activism motivations local Buffalonian possess, understanding that to make life better, it starts with you. While I’ve shared photos and videos, Lee wrote a more detailed overview of the 1st Buffalo Tweetup.

Interview: Twitters Bill and Paul talk about blogs

Bill (twitter: wfm) doesn’t blog, but loves reading, while Paul runs a blog called Tao of Paul which isabout the local education system. I talk to them about the significance of blogs and local community action (i.e. the beautiful BuffaloRising = hyperlocal news).

Photos: 1st Buffalo Tweetup at the Buffalo BrewPub

If you wish to download any of the photos shown, head over to my Flickr photos…

Apologies for running out early at 9pm, as I had a Singapore web event to attend to as mentioned in my earlier post. I hope a 2nd tweetup will happen soon so I can meet the others I’ve missed out on! Stay tuned at