ATV4mac: Running Apple TV on your Mac (almost!)

ATV4mac 1.4

Most of you know what the Apple TV is… you know that Internet appliance which lets your purchase and rent movie (and music) titles directly from the iTunes store for your television, without the need of a computer?

While Apple has started renting HD movies over iTunes as well, you can’t purchase them through iTunes on your Mac or PC. Instead these HD video rentals are only for the Apple TV!

A shame, since it would have been perfect for viewing on our computers, especially those of us with large computer monitors and no television screens at home. There seems to be some hope in the horizon though.

From the MacRumors forum, there’s word of a partial solution called ATV4mac. It’s essentially a hacked version of Front Row made to function like the Apple TV, running on your Mac. Now it only works on Tiger 10.4.8+, not Leopard (10.5) yet.

My friend Peter dug up details on this, and discovered that those who’ve tried getting HD videos via ATV4mac reached 99% download completion before it fails. ATV4mac is still work in progress, we’ll need to give it some time.

You can check out more screenshots as well as the download at