Speaking: Startup@Singapore, Wikis@SLAWNY, OnlineVideo@TLC

Startup@Singapore: Emerging Industry Series - Web 2.0

In all manner of strangeness, I’ve got three speaking engagements lined up back to back this coming weekend. From major to minor league, here we go…

Startup@Singapore: Emerging Industry Series – Web 2.0
Audience: Business students and entrepreneurs
Location: Hon Sui Sen(HSS) Auditorium, National University of Singapore
Date/Time: Sat, 29th March 2008 10am-12pm (Singapore time)

Vantan and I will be on the Web 2.0 panel for this Start-Up@Singapore event as part of their Emerging Industry Series. No, I won’t be flying back to Singapore as some friends have asked. Instead, I’ll be a virtual speaker, thanks to the wonders of Skype. Kudos to Marcus and his crew for trying this, and don’t worry, we’ve done a few decent trial runs at the event auditorium. If you’re going, registration’s over here and you can submit questions ahead of time via their wiki.

Using Wikis to Harness Collective Knowledge
Audience: School Librarians’ Association of Western New York (SLAWNY)
Location: Cheektowaga Central High School
Date/Time: Sat, 29th March 2008, 11am-12pm

After Jinny sat in for my Teaching & Learning Center workshop on Wikis, she invited me to share more with the school librarians of Western New York. I think it’s a great opportunity to help and learn more about the local school district; an exposure of education outside of the university campus. I’ll cover the mechanics of wikis, and discuss how we could properly reference Wikipedia (kudos to Alex and Ivan). The idea would be to bring together the collective knowledge of one’s peers, yet do so in a quality academic manner.

Online video sharing: present and future
Audience: UB educators and administrators
Location: Teaching & Learning Center, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Date/Time: Fri, 28th March 2008 10am-12pm

Running for the third time (once per semester), this session is for anyone who wants to get started with sharing videos online. Explore the world of free video sharing services, learn tips to producing great video for web, and look into the future of online videos. I had a great time sharing my first talk with the Singaporean public thanks to the RamblingLibrarian and the National Library Board. This time I’ll delve more into live video streaming, which has been gaining traction with more users and web companies (e.g. Yahoo! Live). If you wish to sample before signing up, take a look at my wikinotes or a video of the first session in Singapore.

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