Dynamics of Twitter chatter + Emerging media faculty position

Dean Terry
Dean Terry // photo source: Images from the ATEC Showcase

The Twitterverse can be a beast, until you have the right tools. Coming from Twitterific, I’m now hooked on twhirl, thanks to its awesome conversation filters. I can read messages categorized by timeline, replies, direct messages, and can even lookup profiles right in the Adobe AIR app quite easily. I’ve actually begun to realize strangers replying my questions, so soon after I’d be looking then following them up.

Do you think twitter has yet another different dynamic from other conversational spaces? I find these node connections more spontaneous than for instance mentioning one another via blogs. There’s definitely some accelerated friend discoveries going on.

After we both responded to Sarah Meyers’ tweet [connector] on her study of ARGs, I [loose node] got to know (and follow) Dean Terry [loose node], director of Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC), at University of Texas at Dallas. He must have noticed, so he must have checked out my blog then direct messaged me about open faculty positions at Emergent Media and Communications (EMAC).

If you enjoy reading my blog and plan to graduate with your PhD in Fall 2008, this might be a perfect fit for you:

The folks of EMAC at UT-Dallas are looking for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Emerging Media and Communications. Applicants’ scholarly interest should focus on the social effects of digital networked media and include one or more of the following areas: role of communication and information technologies in social change, history of communication and media, new media and globalization, evolution of community, social networking media, critical theory of media, legal and ethical questions such as copyright, privacy, and surveillance society. Candidates should have a background in media studies and/or the social sciences.

Here are the details and while you’re there, do take a look at their interesting social media projects. I love what they do!

3 thoughts on “Dynamics of Twitter chatter + Emerging media faculty position

  1. @Connie: Twitter definitely feels very alive for anyone to grow their personal network, and yes, the right tools makes the experience incredibly better.

  2. I forgot what I was pretend scowling about in that pic but you can see twitteriffic up on the right side.

    Yes twitter is great for making connections. I am confident we’ll get at least one of our next professor hires from twitter connections!

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