Video Demo: Chris Anderson’s “DIY Drones” @ ETech

So with the departure of my Sony UX umpc (sold via Craigslist), I’m officially moving from nu-tradition lifecasting to a more mobile solution. My previous setup was way too complex (was getting into LCD glasses and a wearable keyboard) and I believe that the more natural evolution would lie in programmable networked cameraphones (see my interview). Running parallel to this is an interest in drones, especially flying ones.

I alluded to a subtle need for lifecasting drones when two news helicopters collided mid-air while covering a police car chase, costing four lives (warning: graphic video). Aerial drones can save lives, and despite popular belief, you don’t need military budget to build one too.

Here are three reasons why I’m hoping to get into aerial surveillance drones next:
1. They fly (awesome!)
2. You can give them A.I.
3. Great perspective for surveillance
4. They can be cheap (fine, I can’t count)

blubberbot I’ve been following Chris Anderson, Wired editor in chief and author of The Long Tail, who has been blogging about do-it-yourself UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) at DIY Drones.

At the recent O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Xeni of spoke with Anderson as well as “airplane geek” Jordi Munoz, about the quest to create the ultimate sub-$100 aerial drone. I love their perspective: “UAVs are often associated with military combat or police surveillance, but what “friendlier” uses might we put them to, in civilian hands?” Shown in the video above is their Minimum Blimp UAV, which is further showcased on DIY Drones. You can build you own easily using this kit from

Aside: So I missed ETech and SXSW. Bummer. I should take Kelly Sutton’s advice on hacking both events next year. He spills the beans at

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