theorycast.36 :: Talking with Daniel Brusilovsky

At just 15 years old, Daniel Brusilovsk has already got quite a presence online. From his, to his blogger relations internship with Qik, to equipment sponsorships from Twitter, Dan’s really hit the ground running at a young age.

Via Skype, we talked about live video streaming, from me being a lifecaster running Mogulus on my Sony UX umpc, to Dan just running Qik on his Nokia N95.

Interestingly, he shows me how we can get the best of both worlds, since Qik now integrates with Mogulus as a remote live camera. That’s awesome news because now almost anyone can get a professional news network going!

I asked Dan about whether he’s seen interesting uses of Qik, so he shared a story about how a user was able to live videocast her mother condition from hospital while her dad could observe from another country (that’s virtual presence). He also tells me that BBC has their journalists using Qik for their on-location reporting too.

I’m just waiting to see if I should get the Nokia N95 or N96. I can imagine more people adopting live video streaming if it’s going to be that simple (sans the laptop, webcam, battery packs, gosh!).

5 thoughts on “theorycast.36 :: Talking with Daniel Brusilovsky

  1. Hey Kevin,

    How’ve u been? Heard somewhere that u’ll be back in Singapore at the end of the year? Just to let you know, I’ll be interning at Qik for a year from August onwards, so it’s quite interesting to see you blogging about Qik and Daniel.

    Btw, get a 5 megapixel fone cos the quality on Qik is great!! tho it takes time to upload…


  2. Congrats Wayne! I’m waiting for the Qik iPhone client. For cellular streaming video, a regular 640 x 480 resolution should be sufficient.

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