Netvibes Ginger: Now you can see what I read easily…

Netvibes (Ginger) makes sharing my blog reads easy!

You might have heard of Netvibes, but have you tried it since they released their “Ginger” update?

Your private page now lets you aggregate your social web accounts to pull down updates from various services onto a single page, saving you from logging into each one, yet letting you track updates easily from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and much more.

However, the biggest features I love is the ability to create public pages which Netvibes calls your Universe. I’ve always wanted this, as I’ve used last year to showcase all my COM125 student blogs. Netvibes’s universe feature is much nicer though, as the tabs features lets me sort all my aggregated content much more simply.

In my instance, if you’ve always wondered what I read online or want an idea of where to start, you can see everything I read, without dealing with the complexities of RSS or OPML. In fact, since I have way too many blog feeds in my Google Reader and NetNewsWire, missing a few days of RSS reading makes me feel very similar to getting too much email in my inbox. Netvibes just makes it feel more doable all over again, allowing me to see more at a single glance.

Just for you guys, I’ve sorted my reads into convenient categories and added notes about each one where I could. I’ve organized collections of blogs ranging from stuff I produce (like my lifestream), my media socialist group, blog friends, meme tracking, web 2.0, gadgets, How-tos, GIS blogs / Wearable computing (Where 2.0), ludology (game studies), online personalities (Coolness 2.0), deal feeds, and finally popular Singapore blogs.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Netvibes ( and let me know what you think. It’s really easy and fun to create these public pages for yourself, so consider this your weekend project!

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