How (and WHY) you might want to build your own lifecasting kit

"Kevin // Social Cyborg" on theITsociety quarterly (01/08)
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Here’s an appearance by yours truly on Issue 1 (2008) of theITsociety quarterly.

Soh Cheng from the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) wrote this three-page “Young Professionals” interview with me on my rationale for blogging and lifecasting.

Didn’t know I was still considered young, but I won’t complain. 😉

Unique things you’ll find in this feature…
1. Open Identity vs Anonymity Online (plugging the Rambling Librarian)
2. Pragmatic motivations for Lifecasting (the software)
3. How to build you own Lifecasting Kit (the hardware)

Download the entire issue
Licensed under Creative Commons (awesome!), you can download Issue 1 (2008) as a free PDF. Previous issues are also available from

Also: A hearty thanks to Dionis! Hailing from The Digital Movement, she connected the dots and magic happened. Her latest venture involves an online photo finishing portal based in Singapore, called Do pay her a visit!

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  1. Heh, no problem dude, thought you were one of the best candidates to be interviewed 🙂 Soh Cheng is also looking for likeminded people to interview, perhaps next round we can get people like Michael Cheng into the interview heh.

    Thanks for the plug!

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