Which t-shirt would you prefer on a date?

This t-shirt is so funkin' ace!Can I has web crawlers?

On left, a suit t-shirt so ridiculously ace, it’d school the slickest of platypuses. On right, a fiendish t-shirt so tall, dark and dangerous, it’d make the chastest of non-nubere nuns quiver.

Over to you ladies and gents…

14 thoughts on “Which t-shirt would you prefer on a date?

  1. Oh definitely the suit t-shirt … it will bring the touch of class that a first date needs 😉

  2. the suit shirt seems more pleasant and cheeky, and the 2nd one seems to be saying “i think venom pwns.. i like comic books”

    and i dont know how dates react to comic books.. hahaha, let’s just say its a minority

    i personally wouldn’t wear either one out.. hahahaha, sorry kev! ask your sister!

  3. Looks like the score is evening up! Comments via IM, Facebook, Flickr and here make up 5 votes for each T-shirt. IMHO, they’re both killer, so whoever I go out with better be ready. 😉

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