FAIL: Chatting with Singaporean friends over TokBox

Our first tokbox session

Wanted to have an online get-together with the media socialists, so we tried a six-way video conference using Definitely convenient that the service is entirely web-based.

By 11am EST, three of us chatted over video, one friend lurked (no cam nor mic), while the rest couldn’t make it. While it was certainly fun seeing everyone’s faces at once, there was a 10 second lag from what I said to what they heard, rendering the experience quite painful. Even with all our broadband connection and incredible state of web technology, our international Internet connectivity still has a long way to go.

TokBox should be great if everyone were in the States. I guess I’ll still be looking for a way to video chat with my Singapore-bound friends.

2 thoughts on “FAIL: Chatting with Singaporean friends over TokBox

  1. I used to be a big tokbox fan, till my hubby got me got me onto mebeam – not that I know that many people but it handle 16 people at once and there is no lag or delay even on our el-cheapo connection.

    there is public rooms with others playing around on it , if you dont have someone to try with , at a site who has embedded the mebeam applet , called

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