Newscasting reaches new level of intimacy

I first heard about via Steve Rubel’s twitter yesterday, and I’m hooked. Dare I say, this is journalistic history in the making.

In short, feels like a cross between the rawness of lifecasting and the professionalism of newscasting.

The “New” News
Launched just two days ago, emerged in the midst of terrible snowstorms, Super Tuesday and the 300 point drop on the Dow (via Al Tompkins). Indeed, by aggregating news from all over, there’s a god-like omniscient sensation to it. According to Steve Baron of Fox News Chicago, this is a work-in-progress and they are working to improve the service as they go along. They’re inviting feedback via

The Technical
LiveNewsCameras offers a collection of live feeds from Fox affiliates all over the country. Clicking on any of the video thumbnails brings it to the video player in the center (might not work well for Mac users). The most important part of this project lives on the right sidebar, where a live moderator narrates what’s happening across the cameras via Mogulus (which I’ve been using too), directing our attention to interesting video news streams to watch. This is clever because it leverages the various video assets Fox News has. They also offer some coverage of live video from around the world and they make it a point to twitter interesting stories.

The Aesthetic
Ultimately, LiveNewsCameras situates you right in the busy newsroom, where you’ll see lots of TV screens in the background, office phones ringing, and reporters running around. There’s a raw, unfiltered, yet voyeuristic sensation I got while watching this. As a result, it conjures up a strange intimacy between the corporate news network and their public viewers. There was an instance when the New York-based helicopter camera showed a bizarre video of a traffic accident, so moderator Kat Bockli made a call to their New York affiliate to get the details for viewers. I also emailed them some questions about their interesting service, which got mentioned on air in less than 5 minute. I’m quite intrigued.

Should we take this seriously?
LiveNewsCameras is so clever and new, some might wonder what to make of it. To me it fits right into the Pro-Am (Professional-Amatuer) genre, utilizing both grassroots and corporate powers, to bridge the demand of increasingly involved users and their professional journalists.

Check it out for yourself at and let me know what you think.

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