Dirty Hack: JoikuSpot + Nokia cellphone = 3G iPhone

How to: JoikuSpot + Nokia = 3G iPhone

I first heard about JoikuSpot via Preetam’s twitter last night. This morning, lots of blogs caught on.

JoikuSpot is currently free to install on S60-based cellphones and it shares your 3G mobile Internet data connection via Wi-Fi to any wireless device. Think of it as a mobile hotspot, something almost equivalent (it’s still less potent) to the CradlePoint EVDO wifi router which I covered late last year. You obviously want to have an unlimited data plan before trying this.

When I played with JoikuSpot last night, I thought how convenient that my iPhone came with the AT&T’s unlimited data, so I slipped the SIM card into my Nokia e61, which I got for traveling. Since I use Skype and Pfingo (VoIPs) on the e61, they work under AT&T’s data connection, plus I was able to run JoikuSpot mobile hotspot on top of that!

Via the new mobile hotspot, my iPhone was able to load web sites faster and the iTunes music store worked to a certain extent. The MacBook Pro was able to connect and surf the web pretty well, except that HTTPS connections required workarounds and Youtube videos loaded slow. One other caveat is how JoikuSpot currently has no wireless security on it, so anyone can use your hotspot as well.

Aside: For Windows Mobile users, there’s an equivalent app called WMWifiRouter.

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  1. Yes, that is impressive integrating all those mobile systems! It just proves how the cell phone is destined for total convergence of all digital capabilities. GPD.

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