Underdog NY Giants won… cue the ready-made merchandise

Photo by Jimmy Smith

In a massive upset, the New England Patriots lost out to the underdog New York Giants at Superbowl XLII, 17 to 14 in the dying minutes.

Interestingly, I noticed how quickly they pulled out NY Giants Champion caps and shirts (as seen above), which makes me wonder if manufacturers had to put to waste way more Patriot Champion merchandise since they were expected to win. Even QVC got into the act by selling Limited Edition NY Giants Champion Pin Set for $22.70 after the show.

One thing America does really well, is sell.

Update: Thanks to Brandon, we now know that NFL sends the losing “champion” merchandise to World Vision, a relief organization that will package the clothing in wooden boxes and send it to a developing nation, usually in Africa. It’s a win-win situation!

Aside: Thanks to Jeremy for explaining how American Football works. It’s the first time I actually watched the game, not just the commercials!

5 thoughts on “Underdog NY Giants won… cue the ready-made merchandise

  1. NPR has a story on what they do with all the “loser” gears. They strip the logo and ship them to 3rd world countries.

  2. Ya know, I’m a fan of World Vision and all, and I’m glad the merchandise is not being wasted, but where can I get the Loser Champ shirts for the Argentine Boca Juniors from the 2007 FIFA World Cup?

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