Breakfast for Losers

Breakfast of Losers

With freezing cold weather looming (see before and after), I started cooking again just in case I couldn’t get around. I’ve also started to pack meals in foil and carry them in my jacket in case I trip, fall, and get buried in snow and die a cold lonely death. With some food in hand, I might last long enough to bid my farewells via iPhone.

When not consumed by morbid thoughts, I’ve had a lot to blog about, but I’ve been held back by my dissertation writing. I will plug a few things though…

It’s cool that Yahoo! OpenID is now ready for you, but it’s cooler to learn how to turn your blog into an OpenID for yourself.

It’s cool checking out workplace photos of popular social web companies (see the parallels?), but I thought it was cooler watching these amazing bedroom videos in slo-mo with multi-angles by IKEA.

It’s cool watching Edward Tufte critique the iPhone interface, but it’s cooler turning your home into an exact replica of the Apple Store.

It’s cool that now lets you listen to full music tracks, but I think it’s cooler how recommends Youtube music videos just as how recommends tunes.

It’s cool that Xu Rong is an Assistant Professor and Gravure Model, but it’s cooler that Magibon can get a million viewers just by staring on her Youtube videos. BTW, sense anything weird about Magibon?

As of 24th Jan 2008, this blog has crossed the 1,000 RSS reader subscription mark. Not sure if it’s just spam blogs scraping for content, but maybe you can help read my Mint stats and tell me.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast for Losers

  1. Hehehe, that a funny topic, breakfast for loser.

    I just asked my dad to get me hot dog cheese prata downstair for my breakfast two minutes ago, before running to uni.

    Dissertation must come first … I also my research is getting slower and slower with all these conference overseas coming up, mate.

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