San Francisco: The Culinary Rampage Tour 2008

San Francisco 2008

Here’s a massive photoset of my travels in San Francisco over Macworld week. Thanks to friends like Peter, Chris, Marie, Pan, Dennis, Sam and the kids, they brought me to amazing new places to eat and shop. In chronological sequence, you’ll see the likes of the best places to chow.

Here’s the hit list for our week-long culinary rampage:

Dim Sum brunch @ Grand Palace (South SF) - 08
Dim Sum brunch @ Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant, South SF

Japan Town - 03
Okasane Mochi @ Benkyodo, Japan Town

Japan Town - 08
Ice Cream Crepes @ Sophie’s Crepes

Espetus Churrascaria Brazilian Steak Dinner - 05
Churrascaria Brazilian Steak Dinner @ Espetus

Desserts @ Golden Island Cafe - 5
Sago, Melon & Grapefruit dessert @ Golden Island Cafe

Lunch @ Jollibee - 2
Fried Chicken, Gravy & Rice @ Jollibee

Italian dinner @ Caffe Sport - 08
Italian seafood dinner @ Caffe Sport

Gelato dessert @ Gelateria Naia
Gelato dessert @ Gelateria Naia (North Beach)

Tuna Poke Lunch @ Mr Hana (Westfield Mall)
Tuna Poke Lunch @ Mr Hana (Westfield Mall)

MOST SATISFYING Egg Tarts @ Golden Gate Bakery - 1
Chinese Egg Tarts @ Golden Bridge Bakery

D & A Cafe - 2
Cheap $3.99 chinese takeouts @ D & A Cafe

Beard Papa @ SF - 4
Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla Creme Puffs @ Beard Papa (Yerba Buena)

Delicious Blondie's Pizza
BBQ Chicken & Veggie Wheat Pizza @ Blondie’s Pizza

Sangria & Golden Vanilla organic beer @ Thirsty Bear
Golden Vanilla Beer, Sangria & Tapas @ Thirsty Bear

Amazing breakfast @ Taiwan Restaurant - 13
Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast @ Taiwan Restaurant

Quickly Bubble Tea - 5
Almond Milk Bubble Tea @ Quickly (Clement St)

KL1 Restaurant: Amazing Geoduck and Salted Duck Egg Battered Dungeoness Crab! - 6
Geoduck Soup & Salted Duck Egg Battered Dungeoness Crab @ KL-1 Chinese Restaurant

Lunch @ El Tonayense Mexican
Carne Asada Burritos & Cinnamon Rice Milk @ El Tonayense Taco Truck

Big Dinner @ Han Il Kwan Korean Restaurant - 06
Massive Korean BBQ dinner @ Han Il Kwan Korean Restaurant

Wish I could move to the West Coast. It can be psychologically challenging to go from cheery metropolitan San Francisco to freezing desolate Buffalo. Trying to get things done ASAP here so I can move on… meantime, you can check out all the photos here.

9 thoughts on “San Francisco: The Culinary Rampage Tour 2008

  1. I’m proud to say that I am one of the guilty parties that dragged Kevin up and down and across SF in this foodie adventure. The food was as good as it looked, and not nearly as comprehensive as it could have been. Next year, I will be sure to have a more thorough itinerary that more broadly covers the cultural spectrum that the Bay Area has to offer. Just be sure to spend at least the same amount of time as you did this year, that way you can best experience life as a quasi-local.

    It was truly a pleasure seeing you again, and I really can’t wait to entertain you and Peter in 2009.

  2. Kevin – -LOVE the pictures. It was sooo good to have you and Pete out here again!! Next time we will have to hit up Cha Cha Cha’s but you’ll have to drink some of the Sangria. 🙂 It won’t be as good as Espetus but you won’t know what hit you. 😉

    Call if you need any food fedex-ed over… 🙂

  3. @Kenny: Hmm, I’ll be sure to look up Sweet Cup next time I stop by Singapore.

    @Dennis: One of the highlights I didn’t mention was the seafood cookout at Dennis’ home. That was fun, delicious and extremely filling. Can’t believe I cleared out a whole crab on my own!

    @Marie: Haha thanks, can’t wait to get back up to SF again!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful food! Too bad we have non of that here, not even anything close. Freezing, desolate is the perfect description of life here…

  5. @Anggra: Yeah SF always seems bigger each time I visit… least now you’d know where to go too!

    @Aaron: Yup, it’s just snow we have in abundance here… not fun to eat. ;P

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