Cloverfield… beyond the monster (warning: potential spoiler)

Yes, this has spoiler potential, so read more only if you’ve watched already…

Fantasy world where everyone uses only Nokia phone
OK, so is this movie about monsters or a giant commercial for Nokia phones? Just do a count.

Credence to Lifecasting
Anyway I loved it… from Blair Witch Project to Cloverfield, the true actor is the camera. Yes, it can get nauseating, but for the first person shooter generation, this is reality to us. Adds credence to lifecasting, as apparent in I Am Legend when Will Smith documents his experiments.

A Cloverfield sequel
A sequel coming? You’d better believe it, perhaps more than one. Apparently there was a backwards message at the end of the credits which I missed, then there’s the mysterious Ethan Haas Was Right site which clearly shows that there’s more to the movie. That creature’s origins were not disclosed, but as you explore the various mysterious online narratives, you’ll see some form of alien language throughout. Seemingly hinting on an alien invasion… especially so when the movie byline is “Something has found us”. Let me know what you think, cause all these Cloverfield-related ARGs can be overwhelming. This just seems to tease you, but if you need help on the Ethan Haas site, Liles13 shares a walkthrough.

UPDATE: That Ethan Haas Was Right web site isn’t connected to Cloverfield. Sure seemed related. My bad. Thanks DK.

5 thoughts on “Cloverfield… beyond the monster (warning: potential spoiler)

  1. DK: Thanks for sharing. There seemed to be more going on about Cloverfield, and I was linking to everything I could find on it. šŸ™‚

  2. oooh! i loved Cloverfield too -) next thing to check out is NIN’s Year Zero and play too -)

    I didn’t catch any of the secret messages.. but will be doing some online research too.

  3. OMG!! cloverfield was good? in which century? im sorry but there was NO storyline…the acting was LOUSY…all in all it was a waste of my $8 and 2 hrs of my life. i almost puked thanks to the camere movement. well the idea of seeing it from 1st person angle was a good but what is with the monster?

    my point of view…no discrediting of anyone.

  4. Priyanka: Oh yes, I loved it being an “experiential glutton”. I love simulators and this movie was like a non-stop amusement ride. However, I did hear about people puking… someone behind was saying “… I don’t know if it was the nachos or the movie…”. šŸ˜‰

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