Macworld 2008: Here’s proof that MacBook Air runs for 5 hours+

Macworld 2008 - 51

My friend Peter unplugged the MagSafe connector from MacBook Air and left it for a minute. A short while after, it calculated a battery life of 5hr 53mins with everything turned on, including Wifi and Bluetooth. This is the 80Gb 1.8″ hard drive version, so anyone who opts for the 64Gb SSD version can expect a longer battery life. Now that’s impressive!

9 thoughts on “Macworld 2008: Here’s proof that MacBook Air runs for 5 hours+

  1. Nice!! My Thinkpad’s battery life was listed at 7 hours, but with Wifi on and display set to the max, it’s only about 5 hours plus.

    I wanted to convert to the Mac and get a MacBook Pro before MacBook Air came out. I was put off by its weight and got an Thinkpad X60 instead. Now I’m put off by the price! 🙂

    But it’s really really tempting..

  2. Hey I did that today When the lady was not looking, I unplug it to see how long can it runs.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by today. It was really great to meet you.

  3. Lucian: True, it’s an estimate, but at leas the number was optimistically high 😉

    Michael: The ThinkPad X60 is nice.

    Paddy: Geeks think alike. I’ll put up our video soon 😉

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