Bloggers Getting Live: Robert Scoble, Pete Cashmore and Me

Robert Scoble & Pete Cashmore ( - 3

At Macworld, you see all kinds of geeks, including social media ones.

I bumped into Robert Scoble (with son), and Pete Cashmore (of Mashable) as they were chatting live via Here’s a picture of Scoble talking to Cashmore, and another of Scoble’s Nokia N95.

Perhaps I should get Paddy to pitch his Bak2U anti-theft app to Scoble. Anyway, it looks like Qik is the service I should be using… my current Mogulus setup is just too clumbersome in practice, got me so frustrated when the heavy Flash interface would run so slowly on my poor Sony UX UMPC. I’ll have to start looking for a decent Nokia camera phone for Qik then.

Scoble turns to me in the later part of his video clip, and drops word that Qik and Mogulus are working together.