Macworld Expo 2008: Check out my calendar + Let’s meet up!

Macworld Expo 2003
My first Macworld Expo experience (circa 2003)

Based on my blog entries, I’ve been to Macworld Expo twice so far… my first in 2003, then in 2006 when the MacBook Pro was launched (though I did go to Apple WWDC around 1997).

Back then, videoblogging was at the early adopter stage, so that’s where I scored the earliest video of the MacBook Pro’s debut. This was a milestone in my life as a blogger, with 733,560 Youtube views helping to thrust this blog into a moment’s limelight.

As many of you know, I’ll be making a trip to this year’s Macworld Expo where I’m expecting to see an ultraportable MacBook of sorts. My 12″ G4 Powerbook had served me well back in 2006, but Intel was the way to go for videoblogging, thus the 15″ MacBook Pro. I’d seriously get something smaller as I love getting out and about, without the lug.

While spending a week in San Francisco, I’m hoping to meet up various folks there. Besides checking off interesting meetups listed on, I called out on Facebook and Twitter for anyone interested in catching up. Here’s a tentative plan for my week:

Expand my “Macworld Expo 2008” Google Calendar and add to your own…

As you can see, the week is abuzz with activities, from Macworld Expo itself (which I’ll be covering extensively here), to various geek meetups (SF has so much going on!), to meeting personalities around the area. Catching up with my SF friends is a must, and some interesting appointments I’ve made include…
Priscilla Tan who works at Yahoo! and is stopping over from CES.
Roy Chean, a Singaporean who works as a Mac specialist in the University of Melbourne, Australia.
Dave Cohn, director of distributed reporting at (see Assignment Zero).
– Also arranging an interview with the Microsoft Mac Business Unit to talk about Office 2008 for Mac.

Drop me a line if you’d like to meetup, especially if you have something that might interest me. I do wish I could visit some of the web companies there, but I don’t think I know anyone there.

Update: Representing Singapore, BAK2U anti-theft software will be at Macworld Expo booth number S-1338. If you’re interested, I did a video interview with CEO Paddy Tan last October.

6 thoughts on “Macworld Expo 2008: Check out my calendar + Let’s meet up!

  1. Nice! looks like you’re gonna have a great trip ahead. Wish i could go to macworld too. CES is still on-going here… see you end of week!

  2. hey kevin, we met back in 2006 when you were last here for macworld. hit me up if you want – i can maybe show you around yahoo. i also have a pass to go to macworld, although it might just be for thursday.

  3. Paddy: I’ll come find you at your booth with my cameras. 😉

    Priscilla: Macworld is after CES actually, but I know you’re on a schedule. See you there!

    Biao: Hey man, I wanted to call you up but I keep forgetting. I’ll drop you an email to arrange right now. Will Yahoo! let me livecast the visit? Hmm…

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