New Year’s Eve dinner with friends and an OLPC

New Year's Eve 2007
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For New Year’s Eve, MrBig, Alaina, Florence and I had Italian dinner at Filippo’s, then finished off with decadent desserts at The Chocolate Bar downtown. Scanning the menu, I exclaimed that any bar that serves Root Beer Float is my kind of hangout (I don’t fancy alcohol).

MrBig’s funky OLPC accompanies us, and yes, folks around us recognized the little machine. Together with its owner, I’ll be doing a video review of the OLPC for theorycast soon.

Incidentally, we can no longer get one, as the Get 1 Give 1 (G1G1) program just ended yesterday. According to Laptop magazine’s interview with Nicholas Negroponte, about 150,000 G1G1 donated XO laptops are shipping for children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia and Rwanda.

With the end of OLPC sales to consumers mean thievery from these third-world kids?
A fan on thinks so, but I highly doubt it. While the OLPC feels absolutely well-designed in my hands, it’s still too proprietary for general consumers. The unique Sugar OS and hardware components would appeal to the niche hacker community, and with manufacturers recognizing demand for low-powered ultraportables (think Asus Eee), there’s plenty of better alternatives out there.

Aside: Can’t say for sure, but MrBig tells me that there may be Singaporeans who ordered OLPCs as well (scroll to Singapore on this Frappr map). Are you one?