The “I’m a Mac” commercial you didn’t see… (hint: Wa Si Mac)

… because the first trip I’m making in the 2008 is to MacWorld Expo in San Francisco! Here’s hoping for that Ultra-Portable MacBook everyone’s talking about.

Oh yeah, if you’re going to MacWorld as well, drop me a line. I’ve gotten to know bloggers and readers from all over at these conventions, and would love to keep the tradition going.

Aside: Thanks to Youtuber Alson Chee for the awesome Hokkien-ized Apple commercial. See his profile for another!

3 thoughts on “The “I’m a Mac” commercial you didn’t see… (hint: Wa Si Mac)

  1. Will you be liveblogging from MacWorld? I heard rumours about a MacBook with touch technology and the 1.1.3 firmware update for the iPhone (this one is confirmed, chopped and guaranteed I think). Which means the unlock for the 1.1.2 is probably round the corner. I’ve a colleague who will be heading to the US next week.. I’m so tempted to ask him to buy me a unit.

  2. DK: Same to you!

    Stan: I plan to livestream as I walk around the Expo. Keynote access costs about $1800, so I’d watch Engadget or Macrumors for liveblogging.

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