Almost Christmas, and if you’re missing snow…

Snow Storm @ Buffalo
See my snowy slideshow here…

… I’ve got plenty here.

In fact, I’m kinda sick of it… having to put on so many layers to keep warm, having to carve out my car in the morning, etc. Please take as much as you’d like. See more more of my photos here, otherwise check out my photographer friend’s (John Waller) photo set as well..

On the flipside, here’s a snarky video of some Ang Moh friends (actually Microsoft’s Leon, Kurt and Nic) celebrating their Christmas in snowy tropical Singapore.

Wanna trade places guys? šŸ˜‰

Thankfully, this weather still beats last year’s devestating Oct 13th snowstorm… that was a mean one.

3 thoughts on “Almost Christmas, and if you’re missing snow…

  1. “Sleigh bells ring….. are you listening….
    Walking in the winter wonderland…”

    Well, it looks like there suddenly appears to be a Global Cooling? It feels temperate here in Singapore, except for the nonstop rain and showers.

  2. Dude… too much “snarky” keywords… You might get a high PageRank in Google soon if you’re not careful.

    When are you coming back to where it doesn’t snow? We can catch up for some iced coffee or tea šŸ˜‰

  3. I love the snow, but I guess I am glad it’s just some rain and still lots of sunshine here in Singapore. The video is real fun! Hang in there, keep warm and see you soon!

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