LOOK: a clever movie on our surveillance culture

Ironically, I actually have video footage of myself telling the ZaoBao newspaper journalist about an idea of making a movie based on sousveillance footage (I tagged it as “First Person Drama“). Looks like someone in Hollywood liked that general idea too.

I’m intrigued by how passively powerful surveillance technology can be, how you won’t know it till it hits you. Here’s Wired News interviewing Adam Rifkin about his upcoming movie, LOOK:

Wired News: What inspired you to make a movie about the culture of surveillance?

Adam Rifkin: I got a traffic ticket in the mail from the police department. I didn’t know it even happened, but they sent me this picture of myself going through a red light, and you could see my face clear as day, singing to the radio, making a horrible expression. The idea that a photograph could be taken of me without my knowledge and then sent to my home address freaked me out a little bit. I started to think, “What other cameras are out there, taking shots of me that I’m not aware of?” For me, that’s when the whole thing started.

My favorite part of the interview was how Adam had to “dirty” up the footage to make it more surveillance-like. You can read the rest of the interview here, or check out the LOOK movie web site.

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