Finally! Flickr Pro users get Stats… including trackbacks!

Flickr Stats! (for Pro users)

Other than my blog, Flickr is very (VERY) important to me… Here’s another reason to upgrade to Flickr Pro.

Not only do you have all the space you need for your images, but now you can finally see where visitors are coming from (i.e. trackbacks). It’s been a missing feature I’ve tasted while playing with Zooomr, a previous Flickr challenger. Flickr just went one up by going the full monty with the fully detailed stats page.

Oh, and they have a new Flickr Uploader 3.0 for Mac and Windows too.

Go activate now! Details on the Flickr blog…

3 thoughts on “Finally! Flickr Pro users get Stats… including trackbacks!

  1. Wow, I enabled stats a couple of hours ago and it’s ready. They said it might take a day. Heh, maybe that means I don’t have that many photos hosted on Flickr.

    The new uploader is really nice (for Mac too!) I think a lot of people will appreciate the small touches like the ability to manually arrange the upload order and the creation of sets on upload and not after the whole set is done.

    Now, if they can add the people tagging functionality a la Facebook (and Zooomr?) that would be really sweet!

  2. Ahhh… I just activated mine. But then I saw this message that says “It takes a little while to dig up the numbers for your account. Please check back tomorrow and things should be ready then.” I was like, what the?!

    Then I waited a little while longer and the stats came out. ­čśŤ

  3. I believe they’re managing expectations and playing safe by saying that. Understandably it’s a lot of trawling for lots of data so they wouldn’t want lesser used accounts to poll the servers when real users need it.

    Yeah, that Facebook photo tag feature is cool. I heard the best one is from Riya though, where once you give it enough identified faces, it can recognized faces ion photographs for you.

    I’m using that Flickr uploader more now that it’s pretty full featured. I used to use iPhoto Flickr Export a lot, even paid for it. It’s awesome too.

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