Wall Poster: The Web is Agreement

The Web is Agreement
Click to see poster complete with slideshow commentary…

Here’s something for your cubicle walls… it’s hilariously detailed, right down to the morally accurate compass on the bottom left!

Flickr hacker Paul Downey shares his mad poster (under CC) for the BT Open Source Awareness Event to promote discussion on Open Source and standards.

It’s now available as a clean, high-resolution PDF for print (3.6mb).

4 thoughts on “Wall Poster: The Web is Agreement

  1. Supercool. I’m quite concerned and interested in open access, especially since Bush just vetoed a bill to make all govt funded research open access after a year.

    (Oh and you’re a B-list blogger, like me! There ain’t nothing to be ashamed of there! :D)

  2. That’s good news. ­čÖé

    Strange, I was a B-lister until a friend told me I was A. I had like 700+ links coming in. It suddenly fell to 300 or so inbound links, so I’m back to B. Too bad that widget doesn’t update automatically. I’ve been too busy to blog, so serves me right. ­čśŤ

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