Video Interview: How the UB Libraries got social…

As seen in my earlier Wikinomics post, organizations everywhere are trying to get on the cluetrain. If anything, libraries would stand to gain a lot more by getting into the act as well.

In this 22 minute video interview, I chat with librarians Ligaya Ganster, Cindi Tysick and Bridget Schumacher on how they’ve given our UB Libraries social presence on the web, through online services such as interactive tutorials (via Camtasia), Youtube videos, Facebook (via Ligaya’s profile), Instant Chat (via Meebo), library wiki (via DokuWiki) and so on.

They share their experiences with us, which is useful if you’re thinking of opening up your organization through social media. Watch for links within the video thanks to Viddler.

Click more to see how Ligaya explains what they’re trying to achieve…

There’s a big push for us to find more modes of communication with our students, particularly using social networking tools if they are appropriate.

We’ve completed a commercial of sorts about our services using Camtasia recently that we have on CD . We would like to feature this regularly through our home page, at orientation presentations, and events. A snippet of the ending is featured on YouTube. For now, I am using Facebook as another way students can find me and to promote new events, materials, and services.

Myself and another colleague are creating a “Student Services” page that will be in a blog format. The intent is to focus on new and incoming student needs, including events and resources that may interest them. It’s still a work in progress. One of the blogs we are modeling this page off of are one at Duke, as well as the format of the Health Sciences Library page.

We basically want our image to change to a place where students, especially inexperienced users, aren’t hesitant to ask for help or offer their own input for services they’d like to see.

Our idea for podcasts stems from a project at Albany. We’d like to have people take a handout of a map of the building to accompany an audio tour. Our goal is to have this in several languages.

Our main concern is advertising these new points of communication and to make the libraries and overall friendlier, more interactive place for students.

All the best my librarian friends!

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  1. Yes a number of us have been exploring these means for some time now. Nice to see the Libraries catching on. Are students REALLY using FB to learn about the libraries? Or will they be jumping ship on this one too now that it’s been purchased by Microsoft and the ads are on their way (if not already much more aggressive?)

  2. Hey Kevin, one of the profs here posted a link to the UB Libraries video you made, for the class to discuss what other services that libraries can think of that make use of social tools! Be prepared for a surge in traffic to this post! Anyway, I’m going home in December for Christmas. Let me know if you need anything. Can mail the stuff to you from Syracuse when I get back. Can just email me.

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