Video + Chart: online video sharing // present + future

Last Friday, I took a few souls on a cultural journey through the world of online video sharing. You can watch it here now… all 1 hr 28 min 22 sec of it. Mentioned links are available on the theory wiki page.

Better still, I’ve also produced a comparison chart of online video sharing services, shared via Google Docs. It’ll help you figure out the differences between Youtube, Google Video, and so on, from their notable features, account types, max file size, video quality, review process (additional time), ad revenue sharing, downloadable video, ownership rights, privacy settings, podcasting (video), closed captioning, and video encoding.

I’ve always wanted a chart as useful as this for fellow videographers. Let me know if you want to contribute to it, because together, we can make a better tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Video + Chart: online video sharing // present + future

  1. hey kevin

    priyanka from SIM UB donno if my qns got posted on yr chat thing…will u be comin back to teach next sem? 125 and 242? hopin u will =)


  2. Hello Priyanka. I got your messages via chat as well. Sorry I won’t be teaching in Spring 2008 as I hope to be approved to write my dissertation. Perhaps after that I might return to teach.

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