Video Interview: BAK2u CEO Paddy Tan (on anti-theft software)

Wired American Technolust InfoPorn Wired magazine recently showed us how despite high-tech gear getting cheaper every year, the proportion of a typical U.S. household budget spent on tech-related products and services has held steady at 5% for the past decade (more than we pay for health insurance). How’s that the case?

It’s all about the add-ons… while prices of television sets have fallen over the years, we do end up buying into cable, DVR and a diversifying range of television “enhancing” services to get the most bang out of our TV’s buck.

This trend give us all the more reason to consider various forms of insurance we could get to protect our investments. One particular trend has grown more sophisticated over the years… I’m referring to anti-theft software.

BAK2u anti-theft software In this video interview, I speak with Paddy Tan, CEO of BAK2u, which is a Singapore company (started 2005) which develops unique high-tech recovery services through clever software engineering.

To date, his company has developed such software for three key categories, namely mobile phones (See PhoneBAK), Macs (See Verey I), and more recently, any gadget with desktop-mountable storage media (See GadgetTrak), be it digital cameras, iPods, PDAs, etc.

Learn more about how these sophisticated anti-theft solutions work, what the chances of recovery are like, how to work with your law enforcement agency, and what else lies in the horizon in the field of personal security software. For more, check out or read on at Paddy’s BAK2u blog.

Aside: As a gadget fanatic / blogger, I periodically get to try out new products and services for review. BAK2u is no exception, and I’m featuring this because I believe it’s a great product that does what its suppose to do really well.

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