Vimeo HDs // Youtube Copyrights // Intel’s Film Contest (SG only)

Being a videoblogger / social-cyborg, here’s some news you budding videographers can use…

Vimeo goes HD (that’s 1280 x 720!)
Sometimes I wish I could just drop everything and do silly skits like Jake and Amir’s “Make Believe” (see HD version). Speaking of which, Vimeo just went 1280 x 720 High Definition with their online videos (see their HD channel), making them the highest res video sharing site available, without the need for special plugins (just Flash).

YouTube semi-automates Copyright enforcement
Meantime, Youtube helps copyright holders identify content belonging to them through a new video filtering program (see YouTube Video Identification Beta). According to NewTeeVee, “The onus will be on rights holders to upload versions of their copyrighted videos into a database, after which YouTube will identify near matches and pull them for review. Within the system, publishers will be able to choose to block such content, but also to monetize it via ads or promote it. YouTube will not check to make sure video uploads are in the clear before including them in its system, but it won’t not add them in search indexes until they’ve successfully passed through the copyright system, either.” You might wish to note this extra clearance procedure the next time you upload a video… it’d probably add a bit more processing time before your video actually shows up.

Intel’s ACTION! Film Festival / Contest (Singapore)
Being a extra-short filmmaker myself, it’s my duty to inform you that Intel and the Media Development Authority of Singapore have partnered to organise the Intel ACTION! Film Festival to promote local filmmakers (and to pitch their wares of course!). Submission date for all entries is 7th November this year, with the first prize being Certificate & Trophy (yawn!), Intel Core 2 Quad Powered PC (Gasp! Real video editors use Macs!), a JVC Hard Disk Camcorder GZ-HD3 (sweet!), Adobe Creative Suite 3 (so you don’t have to pirate no more!) and a $1000.00 Sponsorship for your next movie production (hard cold cash always welcomed). Finally, the best work will be shared on Intel’s Youtube channel with over 60,000 subscribers (not counting me though)! Sign up here…

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